Just Two Questions (In Your Leadership Journey)

There are lots of leadership stuff out there, in books, in social media, and even in my Insights on my Website. But there are really only two questions to consider:

  1. What would you do as a Leader?
  2. What can you do as a Leader now?

These are great questions at any time, in an interview, in training, or even in a performance review.

The first question encourages the person to think broadly and even wildly – the power is in their hands. But they do need to explain their answer. Why did they choose these actions? Why is this important to them and to others? Is it important to others? What is the outcome of these actions – is short-term, long-term or both?

The second question can be more challenging. There is a presupposition that the person is a leader. Some may answer that this question simply does not apply to them as they are not a leader, perhaps they aspire to be a leader, but they are not one now.

Is this really true? Are you leading your life and making decisions for yourself every day? Are you actively contributing and supporting others in the workplace or in the community? For example, at a meeting, do you raise questions or suggest ideas? All of this is leadership! It may not be in big letters in your position description. But if you are part of an organisation, part of a team, then you should be participating. If there is a risk or something is not working, put your hand up and tell someone. That single action is leadership – it is about sharing responsibility and taking accountability.

Remember, leadership is not necessarily about the title someone holds or the delegation of duties.  Every parent is a leader, though the style of leadership will likely change as the child grows. Every employee represents their organisation to the outside world and often, people will judge the organisation on the actions of that one employee.

That is why these two questions have so much value. Leadership is everywhere. We can find leadership in every sort of work and play, regardless of breadth, and regardless of financial or official authority.

How much better could our work and play, or life be if we choose to be a leader – maybe try and it see.