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The GL Mindset Coaching philosophy

Changing your mindset is no easy task, but having an open and curious mindset is a game changer.  All lasting change happens from the inside out.  It is our internal thoughts and past experiences that create who we are today.  So you need to get to know yourself and then know who you want to be.  You will have to dig deep – asking why?  Why do I think that way, feel that way, communicate that way?  

Creating change in your mind - your beliefs or your values, will change your behaviour and actions. It will enable you to truly see and realise your potential.

Meet your Mindset Coach, Gayle

Hi, my name is Gayle Leaver.  I am a leadership coach from GL Mindset Coaching and through my one on one program, development and training program, I help people like you become leaders.

I’m here to help you to confidently move forward and be seen and heard. I trust this is the beginning of us getting to know one another and I look forward to championing your leadership journey. 

I am particularly passionate in helping introverts truly see and use their strengths. I am, and always be an introvert, and I am a leader.

I strongly believe leadership is within all of us. I help you truly discover your own resources and potential and together, learn, laugh and grow.

Qualifications & Memberships

Our coaching programs are guided by years of experience, learning and coaching training. 

I am a proven and passionate leader

With over 20 years executive leadership experience, I have guided and mentored teams of various professions and had responsibility for budgets of up to $500M.

I am a results-driven coach who truly believes everyone can be a leader whether in daily or working life.  I will help you or your organisation to joyfully discover your leadership mojo. 

Learn how to bring colour into your leadership, have fun, set better goals, improve communication, and achieve your objectives more quickly.

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Support Across the Globe

We’re based here in Brisbane, Australia but we provide support all across the globe via Zoom.

Get started on your way to an improved & empowered mindset.

We’re so excited to help you on your journey to improved confidence and igniting a sense of leadership in you. Get started by viewing our packages to find the best option for you and download our free Thinking Profile, to understand where you are currently.

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