Bringing Colour to your Leadership

Firstly, stay calm. I am not suggesting for a minute that you forage into the dark depths of your wardrobe and bring out that grape coloured suit or tie-dyed dress. But if that brings you joy, go for it, confidently and perhaps, courageously.

Bringing colour to your leadership is thinking beyond the day to day tasks of your business – the black and white confines of the routine.

Think Fire Engine Red – bringing your passion to everything that you do – to the workplace, the team and your customers.

Think Growing Green – developing and growing your business and your team.

Think Sunny Yellow – bringing both positivity and optimism to the workplace.

Think Cool Ocean Blue – being the voice of calm and certainty.

Think Magical Purple – encouraging creativity and innovation.

Think Caring White – showing care and empathy, staying true to your values.

And finally, think Decisive Black – listen to others, get feedback and make a decision and move forward.

Colour plays such an important part in our world and our life –it can makes us feel powerful and confident or happy or sad. It can make us feel safe and comfortable. It can draw us in and inspire us.

Bringing colour to your leadership and leading in colour is such a simple but powerful concept. You still want to achieve success, but by helping and setting others up for success, the whole business thrives and its possibilities are now limitless.

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